VoMor Lash: Your Salon’s Next Revenue Stream

Source: VoMor Lash (provided)

In recent years, eyelash extensions have emerged as a popular new service on salon and spa menus. Lash extensions boost the salon’s bottom line, fulfill a client need and give stylists and/or estheticians a new creative outlet.

But for some salon owners, lashes have been a no-go for a variety of reasons. First and foremost: time. Traditional eyelash extensions take up to two hours. They’re also done in a private room where the client lays on a massage table. So for salons without a spa or separate service room, lash extensions are impossible to add.

And for clients, it can be a cost prohibitive service, coming in between $150-$300.

Enter VoMor

VoMor hair extensions saw these roadblocks to lashes and set out to find solutions.

“With VoMor Lash, we’re trying to replicate what we did with VoMor Hair,” says Ada Polla Neill, executive director for Neill fulfillment. “The difference between VoMor hair extensions and others is they are much faster, priced for the guest, have a retail component, and allow salons to keep inventory on hand.

“So for VoMor Lashes, we did the same—made them faster, more affordable, added a retail component, and most importantly, created a way for stylists to do the service at the salon chair—no need for a separate room.”

In the fall, VoMor Lash did a soft launch with 30 salons. The service officially launched in January and salons began training stylists and estheticians in February.

“The opening order for VoMor Lash is just under $3,000, which includes a one-day training for up to four learners, back bar items and 12 retail boxes of lashes (each box sells to clients for $100),” Neill says. “Stylists learn on mannequin heads, but also do three live models before offering the service to clients.”

Due to the pandemic and shutdown of salons, the training and launches came to a halt in the spring, but as salons reopen across the country, lashes can provide an opportunity for a new stream of profit.

Source: VoMor Lash (provided)

Add-On Service Revenue

Unlike other lash extensions where lashes are applied individually—a tedious and time-consuming process—VoMor uses volume lashes, or pre-made fans created for three different looks: natural, soft and strong.

“These looks were designed with the typical Aveda guest in mind,” says Neill. “And they can be done in 30-45 minutes in the stylist’s chair.”

Source: VoMor Lash (provided)

VoMor has created a stylist chair addition that’s light, easily moveable and adjustable. The stylist adjusts it to fit their guest and can apply lashes while her color is processing—the perfect add-on service.

The suggested service charge is $50, plus the lashes. “Lashes cost $100, which includes one full service plus a fill,” says Neill. So the client’s first service would be $150, and the second service would be $50 (service charge only).

“The lashes last two to three weeks, just like other extension brands, and they’re attached with a medical-grade adhesive,” Neill says.

After the first 24 hours, a client can get them wet, and there is a sealant they can apply for home care if they choose.

“They are low maintenance, and both the stylist and guest can wear masks during the service,” Neill says.

In an unprecedented time for salons, this service can provide additional income and an exciting new service for guests. To learn more about VoMor lashes, email:, or call 877-234-5170.


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