Aveda’s Best New Artists

Image courtesy of The Salon People
Image courtesy of The Salon People

At the Dare to Dream event for stylists and salon owners, held June 24-25 in St. Petersburg, Florida, the very first Best New Aveda Artist Awards also took place.

The awards, including a special Dreamer’s Choice award, were presented in the evening after the first day of the conference.

Finalists’ submissions for Dreamer’s Choice were printed and given to Dare to Dream attendees to vote on during the day, and the winner, Millie Norman of Athena Salon, won $1,000 toward Aveda education in Florida.

“Winning the award was nothing short of a dream,” Norman said. “My transformation of Wayne, our salon photographer, was truly a humbling experience. He was attending a wedding and needed an updated look.

I was so thrilled and honored to receive votes from my colleagues and peers!”

The People’s Choice award was another special honor, chosen by the most likes on Instagram. Zella Kilgore of Salon Dulay took home the win and a free ticket to Aveda Congress.

“I’m beyond thrilled that I was able to represent Salon Dulay and win in the social media category,” she says. “I chose the image I used because it reminds me of why I wanted to do hair in the first place. It was such a big transformation for my client, and I’m glad I could help her choose the perfect cut. I was able to make her feel beautiful and confident.”

Along with Dreamer’s Choice and People’s Choice, winners were chosen by the Aveda Artistic Team in the following categories: Men, Texture, Color, Makeup and Creative Cut. Winners received a free ticket to Aveda Congress.

Alaina Barnes, of Bella Capelli Sanctuario, won in the Men’s category.

“Knowing that the Aveda Artistic Team chose my work was truly inspiring.

Being chosen by such a remarkable group of artists inspires me to keep following my passion and vision by bettering my work each day.

And choosing the men’s category was a no-brainer. Since the day I started at the Aveda Institute I was drawn to men’s hair. I’ve worked and educated myself in the men’s arena, which led me to Dare to Dream!”

Jade Minor of Salon Norrell said she did not expect to win in the Color category when she saw her impressive competition.

“I had just graduated from the Aveda Institute Tampa Bay a couple weeks prior to Dare to Dream and was flattered just to be nominated,” she said. “Color is one of my true passions—I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, so color theory and composition have always been a part of my life. Applying it to hair turned out to be a natural transition.”

Aveda’s Best New Artists

With the exception of Stylist Choice and Social Media, the winners were chosen by the Aveda Artistic Team.

Dreamer’s Choice (Dare to Dream attendees’ choice): Millie Norman, Athena Salon: Tallahassee, Florida

Millie Norman
Millie Norman work

People’s Choice (Instagram likes): Zella Kilgore, Salon Dulay: Windermere, Florida

Zella Kilgore
Zella Kilgore's work

Men’s: Alaina Barnes, Bella Capelli Sanctuario: Westlake, Ohio

Alaina Barnes
Alaina Barnes' work

Texture: Charis Thompson, Avantgarde Salon • Spa: Pensacola, Florida

Charis Thompson
Charis Thompson's work

Creative Cut: Antonio Ramos, Panache: Jacksonville, Florida

Antonio Ramos
Antonio Ramos' work

Color: Jade Minor, Salon Norrell: Tampa, Florida

Jade Minor
Jade Minor's work

Makeup: Tatiana Ledesma, Pyure Salon: Coconut Creek, Florida

Tatiana Ledesma
Tatiana Ledesma's work


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