Do I have to carry Aveda to work with TSP or Neill?

Not at all, we play well with others. In fact, some of our closest and longest-standing relationships are with salon owners who do not carry AVEDA. Of course, AVEDA is a large focus for us, and we find it one of the best paths to grow salons. However – there’s more than one path to excellence.

A great way to get to know us is by attending Serious Business, one of the premier business conferences in the beauty industry. It’s not brand-specific, and you’ll learn a lot about how we think. Plus, it’s a pretty good time (if we do say so ourselves).

Can I carry Aveda if there is an Aveda salon or spa near me?

We are very precise in our approach to developing each market. We look to make sure that we are aligning with people who have a passion for our industry, who believe in bettering their best every day, care for the world that they live in and want to become market leaders. We define and develop the market potential not by thinking of additional locations first. Instead, we seek to understand the number of additional service providers needed to service the market. Our bottom line– there has to be a clear path for growth for EVERY salon and spa that partners with us.

What is required to become an Aveda salon?

This is best answered with a conversation. Let’s Talk. The simple answer is through our discussion we will learn and understand your needs and together determine how we might support your needs with sustainable growth.

We are looking to partner with owners who are dedicated to excellence and willing to put their energy into becoming something great. In return, we will help you every step of the way – sharing all our knowledge, experience and resources with you. Want to know more? Listen to what some of our customers say.