Guests Love Aveda

AVEDA has the highest “try to buy” ratio in the industry; 54% of consumers who try AVEDA buy AVEDA.

Aveda Stylists are
the Highest Paid

AVEDA stylists’ service tickets are dramatically higher than the industry average.

You won’t find Aveda in drugstores

AVEDA has a zero-tolerance policy toward diversion. Studies have shown that AVEDA is the best national brand at keeping their retail sales in salons—and away from unauthorized stores and websites.

Aveda has changed the
way companies do business

AVEDA is a trailblazer in environmental leadership and has paved the way in how to launch a successful business by creating safe, sustainable products and giving back to society with care.

Aveda Salons are
more profitable

Salons and spas who carry AVEDA sell between two and three times more retail – and more retail means more profit.

Aveda Salons grow faster

Year after year, and for 16 years in a row, over 50% of the Salon Today Top 200 have been a part of the AVEDA network.

Aveda Supports Salon
and Spa Professionals

AVEDA has it all: celebrity stylists, NAHA winners, Fashion Week teams and inspirational shows and collections. AVEDA never forgets what our craft is about, which is why they have the best advanced education in the industry. Come be a part of it yourself.

Aveda supports owners

From shared best practices, to structured business education, to marketing and education co-op programs – when you become a part of the AVEDA network, you have an invitation to collaborate with the most innovative minds in the industry. Our secret sauce is our network owners’ willingness to share their successes.