Recruiting Great Stylists and Staff


Probably the most common challenge we hear from salon and spa owners is that they need more staff, and not just bodies – people who care, who are motivated and who go above and beyond. The truth is, there is a lot of competition out there for staff like that, but here are some things you can do to improve the odds they will choose you.

1. Visit Cosmetology Schools — And Visit Often.

Build a relationship with graduating cosmo and spa students. Students are hungry for guidance and bursting with enthusiasm. It will inspire you!

Don’t feel like you have to have a formal presentation – although that is something to work toward. Just go! Talk to them, coach them on their techniques, talk about their dreams, answer their questions. Connecting is the best way to recruit.

Another idea is to invite students into your salon. Offer them tours of your salon or invite them to come to one of your classes or events. You can also work with the school director to award them gift cards for services at your salon to reward their excellence (i.e., 100% attendance). This gives cosmetology students the opportunity to connect with your team.

Here’s a link to our Aveda Institute Beauty Schools. Our directors can help you get involved.

But don’t stop here. Visit all the quality schools in your area. The more schools you visit, the more staff you attract.

Get the dates of career fairs in your area!

2. Create a great website that reflects who you are.

When someone is interested in joining your team, they are going to check you out online. Does your website reflect who you are? If not, it’s time for an update. A great website will also help you attract new clients, too.

If you need a company who knows web design for salons and spas, talk to our partner, Imaginal Marketing Group. We trust them and we think you will, too.

3. Win awards and get great reviews.

A prospective team member wants to be a part of something great. So be great! Apply for the Salon Today 200, campaign to win “Best Of {Your Area}” votes, and look for other opportunities that tell everyone, “We are amazing!” OK, not everyone can win a trophy. But every day you win endorsements from your clients, and in fact there is no award better than a 5-star review.

There are lots of ways to amplify authentic reviews. The best way is to do great work. After that, call these companies:

Demandforce — Review generator & so much more.

Salon Today — Apply for awards like Salon Today 200 and Salon of the Year.

Imaginal Marketing — Online reputation management.

 4. Have a Structured Training Program

Practice, Practice, Practice. Maybe your staff complains about having to go to classes. Holding your staff accountable for attendance is always a challenge … but we know from our extensive research and interviews with students that they want structure and a plan to grow. No one wants to be an assistant forever —so give them a solid, achievable plan that will get them where they want to go.

Need help developing an education program? We can help. Start by reading “Top Ten Tips For Developing A Salon Education Program.” Then Contact Us.


5. Offer Advanced Education

Education never ends (at least that what stylists who care believe). If you want to attract a team that cares, show them that you have a commitment to their professional growth.

Stylists will pay for this themselves — but you still play a part. Let them know about industry events and offer year-long payroll deduction to help them afford it. You can also design incentive plans that help you achieve your goals, while your team earns valuable education and inspiration. Of course, this will also help you retain those amazing people once you’ve hired them.

 View Education Calendar.


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Other great organizations that you can connect with:

6. Get Busy!

Stylists want to work at a busy salon. So make sure you are doing all you can to attract new clients.

Need ideas on how to attract new clients?

Read this article

7. Create an Irresistible Culture.

People want to belong and they want to be a part of something greater than themselves.

Create a business that reflects who you are and makes a difference.

Read this article

8. Never Stop Recruiting.

The best thing that could happen to you is to have a waiting list of people who want to work with you.

Enough said.


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