Launching a Product
the Right Way

Complimentary Tulasāra treatment photo courtesy of Pure Aveda Salonspa
Complimentary Tulasāra treatment photo courtesy of Pure Aveda Salonspa

When Aveda rolled out its new skin care line Tulasāra in August, Pure Aveda Salonspa owners Michele and Ric Wilson used the launch as an opportunity to revamp their spa menu and how they talk about skin care in the salon and spa.

With the help of their Aveda Salon Development Partner (SDP) Jessica Hoshall, the Wilsons and their employees in the Mount Dora, Florida-based salon and spa have been preparing for the new products and reworking their spa menu for the past six months.

“Bringing in the line was a labor of love for Pure,” Hoshall says. “The entire spa menu was transformed as well as treatment protocols and consultations.”

The Wilsons requested an overhaul of their spa with the launch of Tulasāra, seeing an opportunity for growth, and a way to service their guests for more effective results. The nature-based products are high-performing, offering medispa results without the recovery time.

“Aveda has always been high-touch, not high-tech,” Hoshall says.

“We can deliver the same treatment results a dermatologist can, but in a different way. Tulasāra offers dynamic results with zero recovery time.”

Michele Wilson adds, “Tulasāra was an important part of our spa launch strategy. And just as important as introducing them to our guests was introducing them to our own tribe.”

Executing a Plan

To make the transition to the new spa strategy seamless, the Wilsons used every platform available to them. 

“We watched online webinars, had our spa service providers attend Aveda skin workshops, did a seminar with Helga Hefner and partnered with our SDP for in-spa coaching sessions,” Wilson says.

For marketing tools, they tapped into the Aveda PurePro marketing library to get all the materials they needed for a successful launch: images, services, special product offers—it was all readily available.

Tulasāra marketing materials from the PurePro library, courtesy of Aveda.

Tulasāra marketing materials from the PurePro library, courtesy of Aveda.

“We chose our annual Guest Appreciation Weekend to feature the launch of the Tulasāra products,” says Wilson. “We offered samples to every guest as well as our own tribe members. We also gave guests complimentary 20-minute facials and a $20 gift card for their first facial when they prebooked,” she adds. “And guests getting manicures received perfecting peels on their hands.”

Service providers focused on communicating the benefits of the peels and facials, explaining to guests that results are better than microdermabrasion and glycolic peel combined. Because they had tried the products and services themselves, spa service providers were enthusiastic to have guests experience them as well.

“This all took place about two weeks before we launched the services,” Wilson says. “It was a great opportunity for service providers to dive in and start the guests on a remarkable new experience, and increased retail more than 24 percent in the month of August.”

The product education also resulted in prebooking 23 facials.

The second phase of marketing required skin care therapists to transition guests into treatment plans rather than individual facial services.

“Our complete consultation profile has changed,” Wilson says. “Guests can choose a 60- or 90-minute facial, and the therapist identifies what the client’s needs are that day, and then decides what type of facial she will receive.”

Tulasāra Radiant Oleation Oil, photo courtesy of Imaginal Marketing

Tulasāra Radiant Oleation Oil, photo courtesy of Imaginal Marketing

The goal is to bring the client’s skin into balance based on current needs, rather than looking at her overall Ayurvedic type.

Wilson says guests are connecting with the idea of medi-spa results with plant-powered ingredients, and also embracing the new treatment plans.

“The plans are typically four treatments customized to the guest’s individual needs,” Wilson says. “We structure them based on mild, moderate or severe imbalances, and that will determine what is involved—facials, dual exfoliation peels, etc.”

Selling clients a treatment package allows service providers to do a deeper analysis of the skin and to deliver even better results. Clients also get used to prebooking facial visits the same way they would for their hair color.

A Spa Transformed

The result of the Tulasara launch has been remarkable for Pure. The entire staff has embraced the new line and treatments, which has made clients equally enthusiastic.

“We recently had a spa service provider helping a guest with a purchase in the experience center,” Wilson says. “The guest was a walk-in retail client who had never been in the spa before. Our service provider introduced Tulasara, and then the guest decided to purchase it and get a facial. She also prebooked a massage.”

“Every single guest is being exposed to Tulasara,” Wilson says.

“The service providers are seeing tremendous results. And when you see great results, you want to talk about what you love.”

Wilson also attributes their success with Tulasara to the entire transformation of the spa.

“It has changed our entire approach towards skin care,” she says. “Aveda has always had roots in Ayurvedic wisdom and advanced science, but Tulasara brought it to the next level.”

Wilson says Tulasara has touched every phase of the spa experience, and how service providers connect with guests, empowering them to be the experts.

Hoshall says the secret to Pure’s success with the launch isn’t really a secret.

Tulasāra Bright concentrate, photo courtesy of Aveda, via flickr

Tulasāra Bright concentrate, photo courtesy of Aveda, via flickr

“Everyone wants to know how they do it,” she says. “But Michele always reiterates the same thing: they are just using the tools given to them by Aveda and putting it towards their strategy.”

It doesn’t happen overnight. Hoshall, the Wilsons and the whole Pure team have been working since January for the August launch.

“Aveda has these tools and Pure puts them to work,” Hoshall says. “They have engagement with their tribe and execution—they plan and get everyone on board.”

Wilson adds, “We communicate every step of education to every tribe member with complete support from Aveda across all domains.

“The system works when tools are utilized. Everyone from our front desk to our senior stylists was engaged in this launch. They can all speak to it eloquently and intelligently, whether they’re a stylist or facialist—they all have the same level of knowledge.”

Pure Aveda’s Mount Dora location, photo courtesy of Pure Aveda Salonspa
Pure Aveda’s Mount Dora location, photo courtesy of Pure Aveda Salonspa

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