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Tom Petrillo, principal at The Salon People and organizer of Dare to Dream.
Tom Petrillo of The Salon People welcomes everyone to the Dare to Dream Experience 2016.

When was the last time you took two full days to work on yourself? If this sounds like just what you need, Dare to Dream is the place for you to be inspired to cultivate your dreams.

The inaugural Dare to Dream event in 2016 gave hair stylists and salon professionals a venue to come together, explore their dreams and map out a road to making them come true.

Ian Michael Black shares his secrets to creating a great photo on the Social Media panel at the Dare to Dream Experience 2016.

And while the second annual Dare to Dream had to be rescheduled from September 2017 to June 2018 due to Hurricane Irma, we promise the rescheduling—and the waiting—will be worth it.

Tom Petrillo, principal at The Salon People and organizer of Dare to Dream, advises attendees: “Come prepared to have self discoveries and work on yourself. This event was built for you.”

Dare to Grow Panel discussion from last year’s event.
Dare to Grow Panel discussion from last year’s event. Pictured (left to right): Sara Pestella, John Souza, Allison Buston & Alberto Rossell-Davis.

This years’ experience is inspired by CNN commentator and motivational speaker Mel Robbins’ “5 Second Rule,” that helps change your behavior, remove procrastination, and get the courage you need to go for it.

Hairdressers will be pushed to not just think about what they want, but also how they will accomplish it during this interactive weekend, with a special emphasis on staying connected post-event.

The intent is to build participants’ confidence and hone their focus and commitment.

“We’ll be helping stylists build the framework they need to take action and hold themselves accountable,” Petrillo explains.

Stylists will learn the steps, month by month, they need to take to make their individual dreams come true, whether it’s becoming a platform artist, an educator, an owner or any other beauty career path.

2016 Dare to Believe Panel pictured (left to right): China Wong, Kimberly de Freitas & Hanna Cannon.

“We have five main take-aways we want people to leave with,” Petrillo says.

  1. Work toward manifesting your dream.
  2. Learn how to live your purpose.
  3. Make a bigger difference in your life.
  4. Get inspired by great hair.
  5. Have the opportunity to network with your tribe and build lasting, authentic relationships afterward in your circle group.

“We are creating an environment where your entire salon and spa team has an opportunity to spend two full days working on their own personal development with the support of the whole,” he says.

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What to Expect

The spotlight is on the audience throughout the two days of Dare to Dream with plenty of interactive activities, hands-on tools and collaboration. Stylists will record their thoughts in a workbook and then be challenged by their peers to read through their notes at the end of the event.

2000 people are expected for this years event, held at the beautiful Mahaffey Theater in St Petersburg.
2000 people are expected for this years event, held at the beautiful Mahaffey Theater in St Petersburg.

Virginia Meyer, co-founder of redCHOCOLATE, co-founder of Fourteenjay Salon in Tribeca, and Dare to Dream committee member says, “This is one of the only industry events designed to help hairdressers work specifically on the personal development side of the craft. It’s about helping hairdressers and salon team members name their dream and then access the tools and resources needed to take action.”

While the networking component will be powerful, attendees will also be inspired by spectacular speakers who will share their own success stories and the details of how they arrived at their careers through taking chances.

“But it’s really not about the keynotes,” Petrillo says.

“The reason to attend is to go on a journey for yourself and get the guidance you need to do it.”

Shown: The Dream Wall where attendees can write their dreams down. The first step in making your dream come true is to share it with others. | Source: The Salon People

The circle experience is unique to Dare to Dream, and the intention is to transform the Dare to Dream tribe into an evergreen, ever growing learning community.

“Dream Circles provide support when the event is over,” Petrillo says. “The participants will hold each other accountable throughout the year in virtual meetings every eight to 10 weeks.”

For each meeting, the Dream Circles will be given a framework of questions to use so they can continue to explore and support each other through their journeys.

“Attending Dare to Dream is a pathway to evolve and change your life depending on what you’re trying to accomplish,” Petrillo says.

“When we start acting on dreams, they start to manifest.”

Attendees of this year’s Dare to Dream should expect support through the evolution of their dream, ensuring their passion and purpose become the guiding forces in their lives. It’s a personal learning journey that will last well beyond the weekend.

Hayley Greer, Director of Sales Education and Marketing, Aveda Florida, for The Salon People, says, “Dare to Dream truly provides the learning space that allows you to work on you. The memorable moments and inspired learnings from last year left participants craving more. You could feel the passion and energy from our Aveda network and it was contagious.”

The Dare to Dream Experience
When: June 24 & 25, 2018
Where: Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg, Florida
Price: $199 (for a limited time)
Don’t miss: After party on Sunday evening to benefit the Salon and Spa Relief Fund to help beauty industry professionals impacted by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Source: Imaginal Marketing Group®
The team from Pyure Salon lives out their dream of presenting hair art onstage at Dare to Dream 2016.


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